Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've *got* to find my camera connecting cord

I took the most adorable video of Learned Claw this evening. He did the thing he does when he doesn't get enough attention and comes over to the desk, meows his little sad nasal "mrrow?", and puts a little tentative paw on my leg, as though to ask for permission. If you give the right kind of encouragement, he'll jump up on your lap and proceed to run himself all over your face. If you're very, very lucky, he'll present you with his rear end and rub his tail in your face. That's how you know you're loved.

And tonight, I was able to catch it on video. Here you go:

Friday, September 28, 2007

cats + morning = not asleep

For whatever reason, the idea that I am going to bury myself in a warm cocoon of blankets is unacceptable to either cat. Unless I am awake at, say 7:00am, the cats are displeased . . . which is to say that they are displeased almost every morning.

Learned Claw comes over with a "prrrOW" that's somehow nasal in a way I've never heard a cat be nasal before. And then he'll leap up on the bed (he sort of scrambles a bit with his back legs because of the extra fluff-weight) and nudge me with his head and look at me with these big, luminously sad greeny-yellow eyes. Like he's dying. Manipulator.

Erik is much more straightforward. He'll chirp "Mraow!" and then trot over to the bed. If I don't immediately start petting him, he'll look over to the bedside table to see what he can push off of it that will make the most noise and, preferably, break. This morning, it was two--not one but TWO--books that sounded like a gunshot. I leapt about 2 feet in the air out of a dead sleep. Sometimes I want to murder that damn cat.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

kitten shelf

Learned Claw on the shelf.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tiny picture of tiny Learned Claw

Love him.

kitten pictures from the old phone

This is from when Learned Claw got his little balls snipped out.  Aw.

more sleeping kittens

Again with the cuteness and the sleeping.

sleeping kittens

This is from when they were both much smaller. The cat tree is now a strictly one-cat sleeping space.

the one where I'm sad but have to keep moving

So this is a blog dedicated solely to my fluffy kittens. They are lovely and sad. They are sad because I am sad. The point of this blog is not, however, to go into why I am sad (because the reasons are kind of boring and trite), but to post videos and pictures and general updates on my kittens. Because there may be others out there who love them, too.