Monday, July 14, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

When figures of speech come true

Every now and then, Erik the Red tears around the apartment for no apparent reason. My mother calls this "having a wild hair up his ass." The strange thing was that tonight Erik actually DID have a wild something up his ass--to be precise, it was a piece of string about 7 inches long hanging out of his gloryhole. He was chasing his own asshole around the apartment. It was kind of hilarious except for the fact that the string had poo on it and he was whipping all around trying to catch it. And then he sat. On my comforter. I had to ever-so-slowly pull out said string. Did I mention it had poo on it? Yeah.

Anyway. A night in the life, eh? I'm just hoping that's all the string he managed to ingest and that there isn't more waiting curled up inside his wee intestines for me to dislodge it with the force of my retching.