Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poor little meow meow

Two words you never want in close proximity: bloody urine. Unfortunately, that's exactly what I ended up having to say over the phone to the vet a few days after I returned from Australia, since that's exactly what was leaking out of Learned Claw's business end. I freaked out, of course, and rushed the cat over to the animal hospital (since the vet was unable to come in person), where they gave us antibiotics and sent us home. Everything was fine...

...Until half a week later, when more urine starts seeping out of the cat all over the hallway floor. Like, he's lying in it, unable to do anything more than look at me with horror and patheticness. So I freak out, again, and rush him to the animal hospital, again. Where they tell me to take him off the antibiotics, put him on an anti-spasmodic, and send us home. But either he's in so much pain or he's so freaked out by them having to catheterize him to get a urine sample, that his little fluffy body just goes bonkers and he starts having pooping issues. As in: he's missing the litter box. There is nothing sadder than a cat who is in so much pain he can't piss, and has been so freaked out by the vet that he has diarrhea all over the kitchen floor and also himself. That, my friends, is a very sad cat. So I call my vet, hysteria imminent, who calms me down and prescribes a significant amount of medication [for the cat]: an antidiarrheal and new antibiotics. Things are pretty dire for a few days and I keep him in the bathroom with his very own litter box for almost a week.

Over 14 days and $400 in medication and vet bills later, let me tell you how nice it's been to have healthy pets. Putting him on some kind of special expensive prescription diet will solve all the problems, and I won't have to worry about him croaking on me (for a few more years, at any rate).

...Or so I thought until this afternoon, when Ol' Fluffy Pants (aka Learned Claw), starts going to the littler box twice an hour, hanging out for 8 minutes at a time but doing nothing. As I type, he's back in the bathroom, straining to produce any urine. I'm not freaking out so much any more as feeling somewhat resigned. I just had to pay over $1200 in taxes, and I don't know if I can afford a sonogram (or whatever it is they need to do to figure out if something is seriously wrong with him). I think I can maybe afford another vet visit, maybe.

In the meantime, I'm squirting water down his throat using a teeny tiny 1 ml syringe. He hates me. But I love him, so what else can I do?

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